Your Freedom Goes on Trial in 

The US Government is seeking to appeal the extradition denial for Julian Assange, and in doing so; will set a legal precedent allowing them to extract and imprison any citizen the world over for simply speaking out.


Their ultimate goal is to make the exposure of their crimes, a crime in and of itself. It is an extremely dangerous power to give any administration, period.


The DOJ, FBI, and CIA committed crime after crime here on their blind march to stop the exposure of their wrongdoings and keep you in the dark. They hired a court convicted pedophile and gave him continued immunity, resulting in the suicide of one young boy.

They manufactured now disproven charges in order to drag Julian from the embassy itself.

They pushed for IMF loans to Ecuador to the tune of billions of dollars to secure that plot.

The CIA drew up now-exposed plans to murder him and his family, and even organized it with British authorities.


Don't let them do this.


You are their target. Julian is just their means to an end.


There is a highly successful mass campaign of public pressure going on right now against their actions.


I simply ask that you join it.

Speak out.

Defend your rights and liberties over the march of tyranny.

Call the Eastern District of Virginia, (they oversee the case directly) and demand they drop the false charges leveled against the Wikileaks founder.

You may not realize the power your voices carry, but they carry a phenomenal amount of weight when raised in chorus and common cause.

If the DOJ succeeds here, liberty becomes infinitely more difficult to safeguard, and your freedom of speech will be stripped from you completely.


EDVA direct line: +1 (703-299-3700)

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